SPR10-T: Four functions in one unit

The SPR10-T is a solid state remote power controller and is suitable for DC 12 V and DC 24 V applications. A special feature of the SPR10-T is that it combines switching and protecting functions in a single device. In addition, it offers status indication by means of LED and status output.

Reliable switching operation with overcurrent protection 

Unlike conventional electronic and mechanical relays, the SPR10-T provides integral overcurrent protection. An additional external overcurrent protection element is not required. In the event of a failure, only the faulty path is disconnected and the fault is indicated at the device or at the status output; all other circuits remain unaffected. This ensures quick and easy trouble-shooting and increases machine uptime and system availability. 

Four functions in one unit

  • solid state relay with control input (ON delay 1.5 ms)
  • electronic overcurrent protection (trip at 1.3 x IN)
  • status signalling (by means of LED and status output)
  • integral power distribution (by means of busbars) 

For powerful loads

Direct mounting on symmetrical rails allows fast and flexible installation. In addition, several devices can very easily be connected by means of busbars, reducing wiring time to a minimum.
With current ratings of 20A and 25A, the SPR10-T is particularly suitable for powerful loads with a high current demand and a cable cross sections up to 10mm².

The combination of these properties is, with a width of only 12.5 mm, an efficient and compact solution for your application. You do not only save components, storage costs and space in the control cabinet, but you also significantly reduce planning and wiring efforts.

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