REX12D-TE2 – electronic overcurrent protection One type for all current ratings

The new REX12D-TE2 provides more flexibility with adjustable current ratings

E-T-A’s new REX12D-TE2 electronic overcurrent protection combines unrivalled flexibility, enabled by adjustable current ratings from 1A to 10A with a slim design of only 6.25 mm per channel. Easy adjustment of the current ratings via IO link or Modbus RTU or with a button directly on the device.

As with all other REX12 devices, no further accessories are required. Ease of mounting and minimised wiring time help save time and money.


The REX-Quat-Pack, a four-channel combination consisting of one EM12-T supply module and two REX12D-TE2 electronic circuit protectors, does not only save space in the control cabinet, but also cuts storage efforts because only one part number is required for 4 channels.

  • Ease of current rating adjustment from 1A to 10A provides high flexibility
  • It cuts inventory costs because only one product is required for all current ratings
  • It saves space because the modules are only 6.25 mm wide per channel

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