Customer information on Sars-CoV-2

E-T-A in times of the Corona crisis

E-T-A takes the Sars-CoV-2 virus disease, the so-called “Corona virus”, very seriously. For quite a while, we have been busy with prevention and planning to be prepared in the best possible way. All measures taken till yet have proved their worth. They ensured that we have not had any infections so far and that our business operations can continue nearly without any restrictions.

The measures we determined at E-T-A include:

  • The subject of corporate infection protection and health is placed on the highest level, i.e. with the management board.
  • We installed an interdisciplinary crisis committee to plan and implement preventive action and possibly required emergency measures.
  • Our staff is continuously kept informed via various channels about current developments of the infection, preventive measures and recommended procedures, partly also as binding instructions.
  • Internal communication ways are kept short to advise temporary absences of employees.
  • We established comprehensive stand-in arrangements.
  • We observe the hygiene regulations issued by the Federal Centre for Health Education.
  • We cancelled all national and international business trips into the risk zones as defined by the Robert-Koch-Institute until further notice.
  • We limit internal meetings to the minimum and to virtual meeting rooms and conference calls.
  • We transfer all jobs which are not attached to a certain place to home offices.

Currently, no one can seriously forecast the future development of the number of infections nor the effects this will have on our staff and on the staffs of our suppliers and partners. At the same time, we will do our utmost to keep up the availability and performance of our products and services in the accustomed quality.