Thermal circuit breaker 3120-N: All-in-one solution

Protecting and switching in a single component!

For many design engineers it is the perfect solution to make their equipment reliable, compact and economic - all at once. The 3120-N thermal circuit breaker is the professional all-in-one solution for devices and machines. Well-proven a million times over, the 3120 reliably disconnects overcurrent and also serves as an ON/OFF switch. After tripping due to an overcurrent, the user can easily and quickly reset the 3120-N to resume operation. Time-consuming replacement of fuses is eliminated.

Your benefits:

  • Unrivalled equipment availability
  • Reduced mounting and wiring time
  • Space-saving design
  • Reduced planning and storage costs
  • Enhanced reliability

Seven in one

Example for parts reduction in the event of a 2-pole protection

E-T-A’s 3120-N circuit breaker here replaces 2 blade fuse holders, 2 blade fuses, a double pole rocker switch as well as the two cable connections between the rocker switch and fuse holder.

You are free to choose

A wealth of product versions is available of the 3120-N circuit breaker/switch combination. Depending on the requirements, you can choose between rocker and push button actuation. Product versions range from standard types to versions with actuator and/or dust and water splash protection.

More product infos:

Typ 3120-N

Use under harsh environmental conditions

The globally unique and innovative accordion-style seal and the version with a water splash cover exclude machine failures and product rejects on grounds of dust or water ingress. Compared to conventional dust and water splash protection solutions, these two versions of 3120-N do not only seal the actuating area. The rubber gasket encloses the bezel and tightly presses to the panel, so that the mounting cut-out is also protected.

Easy actuation

Thanks to freely accessible rocker actuators and large push buttons, the breakers can conveniently be operated even if fitted with actuator guards or water splash protection. Switching the device is simple, even when the user is wearing gloves. Particularly noteworthy is the globally unique variant with innovative accordion-style seal. Even this version features a freely accessible rocker which provides a clearly visible status indication (ON or OFF).

International approvals

Thanks to a great number of international approvals, the 3120-N is fit for global use.