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    For harshest conditions

    Electronic timer relay ETR10

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    PV Switch with Firefighter

    Disconnect Switch and ARC Fault Detection

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    A good combination

    Appliance inlet module X3120 with overcurrent protection and C20 plug

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    Ready for industry 4.0

    ControlPlex® Board with SVS16-EN

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    Powerful support

    The new switched mode power supplies type SMP

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What solution do you need?

We offer one of the widest product ranges in the world regarding overcurrent protection and power distribution - ranging from single components such as circuit breakers for equipment protection, electronic circuit protectors, DC Disconnects and solid state relays to intelligent complete systems. We’ll be pleased to design tailor-made solutions for you based on your requirements.

E-T-A Engineering Technology - Benefit from our experts' experience

Circuit protectors & circuit breakers

All technologies - a wealth of styles

Relays: Standard - Smart Power

The ideal solid state replacement of a standard relay

ControlPlex® Smart
power distribution

For automation and minus-supplied systems

Quality - the basis of our success

Approvals, certificates, accreditation

PowerPlex® Bus system

Control and protection in boats & vehicles

Arc faults

A hazardous phenomenon

Conventional power distribution

For short circuit and overcurrent protection


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