3120 Circuit breakers/switch combination

Protecting and switching with a single device. For many design engineers, it's the perfect solution for designing compact, reliable, and economic equipment all at the same time. E-T-A's 3120 circuit breaker switch combination is a professional all-in-one solution for various applications. Well-proven a million times over the 3120 reliably disconnects an overcurrent situation while also serving as an on/off switch. After tripping in the event of an over current, the 3120 is easily and quickly reset. It replaces typical solutions consisting of switches, fuse holders and fuses and it reduces the number of components to only a single device. Additionally, you don't have to connect a switch to fuses.

Fewer components also means fewer sources of error allowing you to consistently increase the overall reliability of your equipment. The 3120 with push-in terminal technology is the first of its kind. It allows effortless wiring without additional tools. Due to consistently high spring forces within the terminal, the push-in connection technology ensures secure contact of the conductor over an extended period of time. The connection will withstand harsh shock and vibration conditions due to the high surface pressure of the contact spring made of a special spring steel. E-T-A's 3120 makes your product compact, reliable, and economical.

Technical Information:

VoltageAC 240 V, DC 50 V
Current Ratings0.1 … 20 A (up to 30 A upon request)
Degree of ProtectionOperating area IP65
Mounting area IP65
Terminal area IP00
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