Low energy breaker minimises total power loss

The ESS30-S electronic circuit breaker with additional attribute “low energy breaker” holds a standard-compliant combination of mechanical circuit breaker and electronic overcurrent protection.
Less losses and high packing density
The new circuitry concept of the ESS30-S reduces current consumption and the total power loss by approx. 30 % compared to standard solutions in the market.

The additionally reduced installation height by one third is another pre-condition for being used in decentralised power distribution systems.

Easy handling of protection in line with the relevant standards:

Type ESS30-S with fixed current ratings from 0.5 A to 10 A only requires a single trip curve. It combines easy handling of protection in line with the relevant standards. This is particularly true for long load lines or small cable cross sections. The integral current limitation of the ESS30-S to 1.2 times rated current ensures that the DC 24 V power supply remains stable. Only the faulty path will be disconnected, the other circuits remain unaffected. This allows goal-oriented trouble-shooting and increases the run times of the machinery or plant.


  • “Low energy breaker” minimises total power loss
  • Compact design helps saving space
  • Increased ambient temperature resistance allows use in decentralised power distribution systems
  • Fits into module 18plus and allows maintenance-free wiring with a no-tool connection technology.

Comprehensive approvals to VDE and UL make the ESS30-S a type suitable for international use in process control and machine construction.

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