Flexible Power-D-Box® with printed circuit board

A modular system for your power distribution - tailor-made to your requirements

The flexible Power-D-Box® serves for connecting and protecting up to 30 load circuits at one power supply. By means of two versions - Basic and Basic Plus -the user is able to meet his requirements ranging from a basic configuration to an »allround-carefree-package«.

An integral printed circuit board allows redundancy and provides distribution of the supply lines to the individual load channels. The integral sockets accommodate various types of circuit breakers. The portfolio ranges from thermal-magnetic to electronic circuit breakers.

The »Basic« version minimises the distribution configuration on the pcb. The »Basic Plus« version offers even more connection convenience. It features additional terminals on the rear, providing ease of access, including wirng of return conductors.

Customer-specific versions make the system suitable for use in nearly all applications. Additional features include: integral de-coupling diodes for a redundant entry line, screw terminals accessible from the front, voltage monitoring with relay output, integral power supplies or even different housing designs. 

Basic Version:

  • Compact power distribution system 2U made of aluminium
  • Printed circuit board design, no conventional wiring
  • High power density up to 2 x 100 A
  • Plug-in type circuit breakers to be plugged in later
  • Clearly marked front plate

Basic Plus Version:

  • Return conductor wiring included
  • All terminals easily accessible on one level
  • Availability of standard connection technologies: screw-type, spring-loaded, push-in
  • Redundant supply via de-coupling diodes
  • Version for installation on mounting plate in the control cabinet
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