Compact power distribution system for decentralised use

The new decentralised power distribution system V0097 is optimally suitable for supply of smaller production units within long assembly lines.

This solution designed by E-T-A allows thinner cables for AC 230 V or 400 V and it takes the 40 A power supply very close to the loads. Only there will it supply the required DC 24 V. An optional buffer module ensures bridging of voltage dips.

Perfectly meeting the requirements:

The power distribution system V0097 is suitable for the use in harsh production surroundings, e.g. in car production with robotic stations, welding units or assembly stations

  • Protection degree IP65
  • Suitable for use in higher ambient temperatures up to +45°C without active cooling
  • Long life span (up to 15 years)
  • Integral auxiliary contacts
  • Push-in technology for all external terminals
  • Cable glands and connections in the bottom which also ensure the high protection degree IP65 and the required strain relief for cables

Further components:

The new modular power distribution system 18plus is an integral part, accommodating plug-in type circuit breakers for the protection of 20 load circuits. Type ESS30-S is used here, which offers physical isolation and selective protection through its special characteristic curve. Faulty circuits will reliably be disconnected due to the integral current limitation, without affecting any other loads or the supply unit.

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