ControlPlex® Board with SVS16-EN

Communication instead of standard wiring

The power distribution board SVS16-EN is the core of the ControlPlex® Board system and offers a combination of selective overcurrent protection and power distribution of load circuits including switching, protecting and diagnosis of the connected 24 V components.

The Ethernet I/P communication is via an integral Ethernet I/P bus terminal, the related RJ45 connectors have already been prepared on the carrier pcb. An integral 2-port-switch enables the module to support real-time-communication in both line and ring topologies. The integral Ethernet I/P module offers the possibility to read out data via an integral web server and display them on websites.

Technical features of the SVS16-EN-16:

  • 16 slots for various solid state relays E-T-A type E-1048-7xx or circuit protectors type ESX10-S
  • Current ratings from 1 A to 10 A for the pluggable ESX devices
  • The integral Ethernet I/P module transfers all error modes of the 16 circuits to the PLC by means of the RJ45 connector in the SV S16-EN. 
  • Via the same Ethernet cable, it is possible to remotely reset or switch ON/OFF the circuit protectors after a disconnection on grounds of overcurrent. 

Enhanced diagnostic capabilities - reduced costs

For I/O wiring of the SVS16EN16 only the Ethernet cable has to be connected instead of at least 34 individual cables for signalling and activation. This helps to reduce wiring costs and saves additional I/O sub-assemblies while at the same time enhancing diagnostic functions. 




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