AC power distribution for rail mounting with potential-free signalling

Tailor-made for modern communications technology in production plants:

The AC power distribution type V0071 prevents any risk for life and limb of the operating personnel by way of its design. In spite of its high overload and short circuit resistance it features very compact dimensions. The use of the AC 230 V power distribution allows longer cable lengths and smaller cross sections of the load lines as opposed to a DC 24 V distribution. The influence of cable losses is much lower here.

It ensures maximum reliability for the user:

For this purpose all live parts and cables disappear into the inner layers of the printed circuit board and into the interior of the moulded rack. Power distribution onto the individual load channels is via 10 contact-safe terminal blocks and terminals contacting the inner conductor paths. This design allows overvoltage category III which is standard in the industry.

More information:

  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Line entry via spring-loaded terminals up to 16 mm²
  • Main switch and back-up protection in the event of overload and short circuit by a 30A back-up fuse
  • Green LED signals AC 230 V voltage applied
  • Protection of load circuits by means of 10 thermal-magnetic circuit breakers
  • Connection of two loads each via spring-loaded terminals


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