Environmental Management at E-T-A

ISO 14001 Certificate

E-T-A's environmental management system has been approved to ISO 14001. The approval covers all areas of the locations in Altdorf and Hohenfels.

Traditionally E-T-A has been fully committed to the protection and preservation of an environment pleasant to live in. E-T-A will therefore continuously strive to shape the entire life cycle of our products as ecologically compatible as possible.

Environmental policy:

It is a central part of entrepreneurial activities to enhance environmental protection with regard to all processes and procedures and to constantly improve ecological thinking throughout the company:

  • Reduce energy and resource consumption with all its side-effects and thus minimise the inevitable environmental pollution
  • Avoid accidents which might cause environmental damages or at least keep their effects as small as possible
  • Implement the requirements of environmental policy within an integral comprehensive environmental management
  • Ensure a trouble-free and well-structured course of all technical and organisational procedures by applying continuous audits and improvement processes.
  • Co-operate with the responsible authorities in good partnership.

Within the framework of the legal requirements and the trustful co-operation with our customers, E-T-A is committed to adhere to all laws, directives and requirements relevant for environmental protection. All E-T-A employees will acknowledge environmental protection as a major part of their daily work and tasks and will thus ensure it to be actively pursued and promoted on all levels by acting circumspectly and responsibly.

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