Safety in many fields

Circuit Breakers & Power Management for Your Industry

E-T-A offers tailor-made circuit breaker and power management solutions for the electrical protection of your equipment and products. Select your industry and get to know more about circuit breakers, circuit protectors, relays, control cabinet solutions and power distribution systems for your industry.


Optimum cable protection in aircraft - from standard parts to power distribution system.

Automation & Process Control

Power distribution systems including: electronic circuit breakers and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers.

Automotive Manufacturing

Selective protection and efficient power distribution.

Chemical, Oil & Gas

Protection and power distribution for a consistent performance.

Renewable Energy

DC Disconnects, overcurrent protection and fault indication for your system.

Power Engineering

DC 24 V field level: Overcurrent protection and fault indication for your system.

Household, Hobby & Garden

Tailor-made protection in a compact design.

Medical Equipment

Protection by means of circuit breakers and electronic overcurrent protection.

Pharmaceutical & Food

Selective protection and flexible power distribution.

Steel Production

Selective overcurrent protection, power distribution and relays.

Telecom & Datacom

Power-D-Box® solutions, minus DC 72 V, minus DC 400 V.


Selective protection and efficient power distribution.

Commercial Vehicles

Circuit breakers and relays for load protection.

Rail Vehicles

From circuit breakers to complete control cabinets.

Watercraft & RV

Safety and power distribution with Power-D-Box®