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PowerPlex Product Overview

Typical applications

De-centralised, individually configurable power distribution and control system for boats, vehicles etc.


PowerPlex® consists of a number of modules distributed on the boat to connect loads, switches and sensors. These components communicate with each other via a CAN bus system (SAE J1939 compliant). A PowerPlex® installation may include a total of up to 30 modules for the transmission and processing of command signals and data. Each module has a separate micro-processor.

All PowerPlex® Modules ensure, alone or in combination with other PowerPlex® components, reliable control and monitoring of all installed electrical devices and functions. Any switch connected to a PowerPlex® module can be configured to control any load output of the PowerPlex® installation. By integrating modern touch user interfaces, you get a complete solution with an enormous potential for individual customization.

You and your customer’s vessel specifications and requirements determine the complexity and flexibility of the electrical system. Choose the PowerPlex® components from our product range that best fulfill these requirements.

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PowerPlex® Power Module

DC module with 12 power outputs and eight inputs for switches, total current max. 102 A, FLPC

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PowerPlex® Panel Module

DC module with six power outputs and up to 32 inputs for switches, total current max. 20 A, FLPC

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PowerPlex® Remote App

App for control and monitoring of important PowerPlex® functions.

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PowerPlex® Compact Module

DC module with 10 power outputs and 10 inputs for switches, total current max. 60 A

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PowerPlex® AC Module

AC Module with up to 16 channels single pole or eight channels double pole, total current max. 75 A

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PowerPlex® Touch Panel 4.3ʺ

Modern 4.3ʺ Touch User Interface for PowerPlex® , 12 V DC / 24 V DC

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PowerPlex® Touch PC

Modern 12ʺ Touch User Interface for PowerPlex®, 12 V DC / 24 V DC

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PowerPlex® TouchPC Software

Windows-based Software for Touch User Interfaces for control and monitoring PowerPlex®

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PowerPlex® Keypad Power Key Pro

Keypad with eight signal buttons for control of PowerPlex®

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